04 Mar

Every meal is an opportunity for enrichment. Turn your dog’s dinner into a game with these easy, mentally stimulating ideas!

Scent work– This is a great way to make meal times more exciting! Hide your dog’s food around the house and/or garden, and ask them to sniff it out. Alternatively, put the food in cardboard boxes, under cups, or wrap it in fabric. Snuffle mats are perfect for this!

Puzzle toys– Every pet shop will have a selection of fun puzzles to challenge your dog’s brain. If you’re on a budget, a quick internet search will give you endless DIY ideas.

Stuffed toys– Stuffed toys such as Kongs can be filled with dry kibble, and wet food. Chewing, and trying to empty these toys will keep your dog occupied for ages! Again, a quick internet search will bring up ideas for all sorts of tasty fillings.

Training– Occasionally using your dog’s food as a reward during a training session not only strengthens the bond between you, it can also be the perfect time-saver. When your schedule is full to the brim, why wouldn’t you want to kill two birds with one stone?

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