Puppy consultation - £35

If you are are preparing to welcome a puppy into your lives, the Puppy consultation can help. This session takes place at your home, and can cover topics such as choosing a puppy, preparing your home for their arrival, equipment you may need, what to do when you first bring your puppy home, house training tips and more! Home visits are £35 plus mileage.

Recall package

**Coming February 2022**

Loose lead package

**Coming February 2022**

Reactivity package

**Coming February 2022**

Group Enrichment Course- Levels 1 and 2

**Coming February 2022** As dog guardians, we're always looking to add more enrichment to their lives. Enrichment helps strengthen your relationship with your dog, focuses excess energy, prevents boredom, boosts confidence...the list goes on! This 6-week course is designed to be great fun for everyone! Start with Level 1, and progress to Level 2.